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BioNetwork provides high-quality economic and workforce development for the biotechnology and life science industries across North Carolina through education, training, and laboratory resources. We’re organized into 3 divisions, Industry Training, Engagement and Media Development.

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We deliver courses, certificates, workshops, and company-specific skill development in biomanufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, beverage, and natural products. Our courses can be delivered at your company's site, at one of our training facilities, online, or locally at any of our 58 community colleges.

Christie Weaver, Associate Director, Capstone, Biomanufacturing and Pharma

Chris Reedy, Senior Director: Food, Beverage, and Natural Products

Career Development: Social Media and Your Career | Success Skills for Life Sciences

We provide instructional design, video production, eLearning, communication, and web development services to support all 58 community colleges and to enhance BioNetwork’s industry training and engagement programs.

Vernon Shoaf, Senior Director

Gown Up!

Our outreach programs include classroom visits, faculty training workshops, and career fairs that help connect bioscience industry skills with K12 and community college STEM education.

Contact us at engage@ncbionetwork.org for more information.

Courtney Behrle, Senior Director of STEM Outreach

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BioNetwork was established in 2004 through funding from the Golden LEAF Foundation. We were charged with addressing the growing education and training needs of the state as it transitioned from traditional manufacturing economy to a high-tech, skill-intensive biomanufacturing economy. We received recurring funding through the NC General Assembly in fiscal year 2005-2006. 

North Carolina has experienced a 31% increase in bioscience jobs since the year 2000, which is four times the national growth rate. The state’s private sector employment grew by only 1% in the same period. The bioscience industry generates more than $73 billion in annual economic activity and provides 228,000 jobs that pay an average annual salary of $81,000 (Batelle 2014). This growth makes our mission more important now than ever before - preparing a workforce for today and for tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The mission of BioNetwork is to provide high quality economic and workforce development for biotechnology and life science industries across North Carolina through education, training, and laboratory resources.

Our Values

We support these values in our attitudes, behaviors, and actions as we continually improve the ways in which we collaborate and provide service:

Quality - consistently exceeding expectations.
Service - being responsive and committed to stakeholders’ needs.
Collaboration - working in partnership to achieve a common goal.
Accountability - exhibiting honesty, integrity, and responsibility in everything we do.