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Virtual Microscope Companion
The Virtual Microscope Companion provides a self-guided exploration of a common laboratory microscope including its care, components, and... read more
IBC Blender
This interactive lesson covers an overview of the IBC Blender hardware, a review of safety considerations, and interactive portions that... read more
Sterile Gowning Procedures
Sterile Gowning Procedures is a serious game that teaches the steps for proper sterile gowning and gloving.
Learn about molarity through this interactive scenario where you will assume the role of a new TA working with Dr. Orville Catalisk.
This module includes, the basics of centrifugation, effects of gravity on particles in suspension, operation of a centrifuge, differential... read more
Job Interviewing
Getting ready for a job interview can be a stressful task. Being prepared and having the right information can be critical to making a good... read more


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Oil Immersion Microscopy Animation
This short animation illustrates how oil immersion works.  
Use and Care of a Microscope
Learn how to use a microscope, see it in action, and then head to the lab to practice working hands-on. In this video, Clarence (our... read more
Microscope for Beginners - Questions and Answers
In this video, Jeff talks through some common issues and questions that beginners experience when learning to use a microscope.  We'll... read more
BioNetwork Capstone Center
Capstone Center in Raleigh is BioNetwork's premiere worker training facility.  At Capstone, fundamental scientific understanding meets... read more
Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
The Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) in Raleigh is home to two top-tier learning organizations: NC State... read more
Spirit Tracker
During filming of a new "Spirit Tracker" episode, the show's camera operator, Chelsea, goes missing.  The location is said to be haunted.  ... read more