About Us
BioNetwork provides high-quality economic and workforce development for the biotechnology and life science industries across North Carolina through education, training, and laboratory resources.

About Us

Operated by the North Carolina Community College System, BioNetwork offers incumbent worker training, transitional worker training, and pre-employment classes on specific topics and skill sets. BioNetwork also supports the future biotechnology and life science workforce through teacher training and outreach.

In addition to training and industry support, three BioNetwork facilities provide hands-on training in a simulated industrial environment.

  1. Capstone Center (Raleigh)
  2. Natural Products Laboratory (Asheville)
  3. Analytical Laboratory (Winston Salem)
With seed money from Golden LEAF Foundation, BioNetwork was created in 2004 to provide world-class training opportunities in biomanufacturing to help transition tobacco growers and producers into new economically sound areas of employment.