Dislike Broccoli? -- Blame it on Your Genes!

Dislike Broccoli? -- Blame it on Your Genes!
Target Audience: Middle School, High School, College
NCCCS Core Courses: BIO-110, BIO-111
Equipment Used: Electrophoresis Apparatus, Micropipette


Phenylthiocarbamide, or PTC as it is commonly known, is a synthetic substance that tastes quite bitter. Some people, however, can't taste it at all! Before determining whether they are "tasters" or not, students will explore the implications of having this dominant trait, and thus the ability to taste PTC. Students will also complete Punnett squares and predict offspring ratios, genotypes, and phenotypes based on the parents' ability to "taste." *Lesson may also include an electrophoresis simulation to determine genotype (MS = paper electrophoresis, HS, CC = gel electrophoresis)*