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You provide the classroom and the students, and we'll bring all the necessary supplies and equipment...all at no cost to your school!  If you'd like to invite us to your career fair or to customize an activity, please Request a Visit.


Super Sleuth Sampler
Your students will become super sleuths as they analyze different pieces of evidence to solve a crime. Beginner sleuths will progress... read more
Show me the Moo-ney
Did you know that there are strong connections to be made between genetic profiling and profit margins in the agriculture industry? In this... read more
Prosthesis Thesis
Dive into the world of biomedical device design through this fully engaging, inquiry-based activity! Students will work collaboratively to... read more
Quality Matters
Quality assurance is a strict and stringent industry process that utilizes chemical and physical properties to ensure the end product not... read more
The Potential of Hydrogen Has Pucker Power
Eating candy in the name of science??? Yes!!! In this investigation students will learn the effects hydronium and hydroxide concentrations... read more
DIY Electrophoresis
Did you know that you can construct an electrophoresis chamber from common household items? Incorporate all aspects of STEM as you explore... read more
Missy Baker is Missing!
In this course, students will help police investigators solve a crime mystery by matching forensic DNA samples to a missing person’s... read more
Gown Up!
Gowning is a common practice used to prevent contamination during manufacturing. In this activity students will have an opportunity to... read more
Keep Calm and Neutralize
Investigate acid-base chemistry and the significance of pH to human digestion while utilizing electronic probes in this inquiry based... read more
Sizing Up Molecules (with Electrophoresis)
Explore the concept of electrophoresis and how it is used to analyze different molecules. Analyze artificial dyes used in candy and witness... read more
Diagnosing Disease with Biomarkers
Examine biomarkers and their role in diagnosing disease. Analyze simulated blood samples for the presence of biomarkers associated with... read more
What's Lurking in the Lake?
Explore the significance of antibody-antigen interaction and its role in immunoprecipitation testing. Determine the source of contamination... read more