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You provide the classroom and the students, and we'll bring all the necessary supplies and equipment...all at no cost to your school!  If you'd like to invite us to your career fair or to customize an activity, please Request a Visit.


Let's Give a Hand
There are thousands of children all over the world that are missing all, or part of, their hand. In this activity your students will hear... read more
Biofuels: Analyzing Cellulase
Biofuels provide many environmental and economic benefits including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, making use of renewable... read more
One of the most popular new attractions at the local zoological park is a  hybrid dinosaur. Unfortunately, the zookeepers underestimated... read more
EASE (Effective Authentic Science Event)
Would you like to host hundreds of prospective students on your college campus for a fun day of science and mystery?  EASE (Effective... read more
GMO Detective
How do scientists prove whether or not foods contain GMOs? Using real life techniques, students will perform several analyses to detect... read more
What's that Flavor?!
Ever want to solve the mystery of the lollipop covered in question marks? Students will use spectrophotometers to analyze the amount of FD... read more
A Royal Disease
Whenever an individual suffers an injury the body produces a fibrin polymer clot to stop the bleeding. Hemophilia, also known as "the Royal... read more
A Coral Conundrum
Coral reefs are in danger due to the effects of climate change, including sea temperature rise. Learn how analyzing gene expression through... read more
Quantitative Spectrophotometry
Spectrophotometers measure the effect of a sample on a beam of light. This information can provide scientists with quantitative data... read more
Dynamic Fluids!
Viscosity is an important quality of fluids that industrial scientists and engineers are constantly trying to measure and manipulate.... read more
Dislike Broccoli? -- Blame it on Your Genes!
Phenylthiocarbamide, or PTC as it is commonly known, is a synthetic substance that tastes quite bitter. Some people, however, can't taste... read more
Restriction Digestion and Analysis of Lambda DNA
Electrophoretic techniques that distinguish DNA fragments by size are essential in forensics and in the mapping of restriction sites within... read more